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Get pearl savvy 

how to tell real pearls from fake


               ell... it's easy. Pearls are very easy to                                  understand. Distinguishing between the different types of pearls may be a bit tricky, but whether the pearls are real or not is a fairly easy thing to tell. Pearls have a quality that is similar to our teeth. They feel very much like human and animal teeth because both are basically calcium.







distinct feel. They will feel the very same way one would expect if rubbing something with the very same properties as a tooth against the rim of your teeth. Some call this feeling gritty. I wouldn't exactly call it a grit feeling, but once you   





are familiar with the unique way a pearl feels when gently rubbed against the rim of your teeth you will find it fairly easy to identify real pearls from fake.





      When placing pearls on your neck eventually they warm up but it should take perhaps a minute for them to feel fully comfortable and even longer until they have warmed up to your body temperature.

      Once the pearls pass the coldness test then it's time to move on to the teeth test. If you rub them gently on the "rim, rim, rim" of your teeth they will have a very


      The coldness test is where we want to begin. Pearls are always colder then the atmosphere circulating around them and it will always take at least a minutes for a string of pearls to warm up in your hand.










                                                               Janet Arango 

        Janet Arang


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