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Did you know it takes 800,000 oyster hours to make a high quality pearl? Did you know that a pearl farmer can go through about 10,000 oysters before finding 47 pearls that will match to make a high quality cultured pearl necklace?

This is why cultured pearls can be quite expensive. But, you pay have to pay for quality. Natural pearls are rarely found anymore and certainly not in enough numbers to make matching jewelry.

A simple grain of sand can be the catalyst for the creation of an elegant black pearl bracelet. This happens when the sand, or whatever foreign substance, finds its way inside the mollusk or is put into the mollusk. As a defense mechanism, the mollusk releases nacre to form a protective barrier around the foreign substance. Nacre is mother of pearl and this is why the pearl has an iridescent sheen.

The pearl is the birthstone for JunePearl ring gifts are always appreciated by your birthday girl. If you want to for something a little more unique, try a black pearl necklace. The pearl is also the official gemstone for the 30th wedding anniversary.

Pearls are classic and go great with anything. A freshwater pearl necklace can be worn with a v-neck tee or an evening gown- it doesn’t matter. And, because of their iridescence, you can wear them with all colors. Wear your pearls and pass them down as a family heirloom.

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